The Minister for Planning has advised his intention to reintroduce a Bill to Parliament to amend the Planning, Development and Infrastructure Act 2016. This Bill will remove the deadline of 1 July 2020 for full implementation of the Code, enabling the timeframe to be set by proclamation in the South Australian Government Gazette.

The Minister has accepted a recommendation from the State Planning Commission to provide councils, industry and the community more time to understand and prepare for the Code’s implementation in the rural (Phase Two) and urban (Phase Three) areas of our State.

As consultation on the draft Phase Two Code is complete, we can now put in place a comprehensive readiness program to assist council and other users in their preparations. Phase Two will be implemented in July 2020.

As Phase Three Code consultation has just closed, the range of matters and potential for change is not yet fully known, however we expect a similar extension of time and as such anticipate that Phase Three will be implemented in September 2020.

Please note that this will not result in a further period of consultation on the Code – which has already had an extensive period of consultation.

Extra time provides opportunity for people to see the finalised Code and ePlanning solution before our new system goes live.