Published Tuesday, 18 August 2020

On Tuesday 18 August the State Government announced revised timing for the implementation of the new planning and development system – across large regional towns and metropolitan areas.

Minister for Planning and Local Government, Vickie Chapman said the government was keen to ensure that implementation of this final and significant phase is done in a manner that presents users and beneficiaries of the system, with more time to understand the Planning and Design Code (the Code) and familiarise themselves with our new ePlanning system.

The Department has been working and listening closely to councils, industry and the wider community, many of whom have requested to defer the final phase of implementation to next year.

With a significant proportion of development applications historically lodged in the metropolitan area, continuing to collaborate with stakeholders and work with councils to refine the Code and consider the feedback received is integral to the program’s success.

As such, the anticipated launch date of September 2020 for the final phase of the new planning system will not proceed. This original timeframe was dependent on a number of factors and the scale and complexity of submissions received during our consultation stage has been reflected in making the decision to delay implementation.

The Minister intends to announce a more definite date sometime in the future, however has indicated it will not be before Christmas 2020.

Until the final phase is implemented, current development plans remain in place in large regional towns and metropolitan areas.

The new planning system, an Australian first, will help shape the communities we want to live and work in, both now and into the future.

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