13 April 2022

Agenda (PDF, 352 KB)

Minutes (PDF, 789 KB)

Agenda Items Category/Comments
1.5 Chair's Report (PDF, 159 KB)Not Confidential
(Release Immediately)
4.1 Mannum Waters Marina Residential MarinaNot Confidential
(Release Delayed)
4.2 Greater Adelaide Regional Plan Budget and Scope ApprovalConfidential
(Cabinet in Confidence)
5.1 Review of Practice Direction 14 - Site Contamination AssessmentConfidential
(Draft Advice or Documents)
5.2 Updates to the SCAP Practice and Operating Directions Confidential
(Litigation and Legal Advice)
6.1 SPC Communications and Engagement Update (PDF, 1665 KB)Not Confidential
(Release Immediately)
6.2 Planning Reform 12-month Review ProjectNot Confidential
(Release Delayed)
7.1 American River Tourist Resort - Circular ResolutionConfidential
(Legal Advice or Litigation)