Growth Management Program

The monitoring of land supply and demand is a core activity of Planning and Land Use Services (PLUS) within the Department for Trade and Investment. The Land Supply Report (LSR) for Greater Adelaide is a component of our Growth Management Program and provides data and information on land supply and demand. The LSR was formally called the Metropolitan Growth Management Plan, but has been renamed to better reflect its role in the broader management of growth and development across the State. The key components of the Growth Management Program are outlined below:

Growth Management Plan: Land Supply Reports; Population Projections; Regional Plans; Code Amendments; EFPA and CPD other policy reviews; On-line mapping & reporting tool (accessible information)

The LSR provides a point in time analysis of residential and employment land development trends, projected demand and land supply. This information will be used by the State Planning Commission as an evidence base to determine the capacity of the land use planning system to provide an adequate supply of appropriate land to meet market demand. The LSR does not make recommendations about the need for, or timing of, Code Amendments.

The LSR is being developed in four parts and is structured as follows:

  • Background and Context
  • Part 1:Greenfield
  • Part 2: Urban Infill
  • Part 3: Employment Lands

The LSR has been prepared with inputs from other key government agencies (Renewal SA, Housing SA, Department for Infrastructure and Transport). The LSR will be updated annually to provide contemporary data and information about growth and development across Greater Adelaide. The current Land Supply Reports for Greater Adelaide are available on the PlanSA portal.