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Agendas & Minutes

The SCAP agenda for a forthcoming meeting is made available on this website and from the SCAP Secretary from the Monday prior to the meeting.

All papers relating to applications for decision by the SCAP at the meeting (excluding legal opinion and commercially confidential information, and papers relating to Crown Development or mining proposals) are available online and for inspection and purchase from Level 5, 50 Flinders Street, Adelaide from the Monday morning prior to the meeting.

When there is to be a hearing on an application, all parties who have indicated a wish to be heard will be advised of the availability of the agenda papers when they are advised of the time of the hearing.

SCAP Agenda - 10 August 2017
(PDF, 96 KB)

SCAP Minutes - 10 August 2017
(PDF, 145 KB)

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Agenda Item No DA Number Site and Proposal Report and Attachments



Item 2.1.1 Image Woodforde 1

Woodforde T&A Pty Ltd
25 Glen Stuart Rd, Woodforde

Construction of a 4 and 5 storey residential flat building comprising 46 dwellings and ground level/undercroft car parking, and associated visitor car parking, landscaping and site works.

Report & Attachments (PDF, 32033 KB)



Item 2.1.2 - image

De Young Jamestown Pty Ltd
Lot 1001 Adelphi Terrrace, Glenelg North

Alterations and additions to the Buffalo Restaurant – comprising a new kiosk, alfresco bar and dining area, toilet facilities, outdoor dining timber deck, boat pontoon and gangway and associated landscaping and temporary construction fence.

Report (PDF, 338 KB)

Attachments (PDF, 39363 KB)


020/A033/16 V2

Item 2.2.1 image

Brown Falconer
11-27 Frome St, and Lot 101 Synagogue Place, Adelaide

Variation to DA 020/A033/16 for demolition of existing structures and construction of a multi-level mixed use development comprising retail and commercial uses, hotel, student accommodation, residential and serviced apartments, including car parking, landscaping and site works.

Report & Attachments (PDF, 25936 KB)

Attachment 5a
(PDF, 1512 KB)



Item 2.2.2 image

Taplin Group
Corner Jetty Road and Partridge St, Glenelg

Partial demolition and alterations to existing structures and construction of an 8-storey mixed use building comprising ground floor retail, retail and car parking above ground and residential apartments over levels 3-8.

Report & Attachments (PDF, 30753 KB)



Image 2.2.3

Ilira Pty Ltd and Sihero Pty Ltd
Mackerode Station, Barrier Highway, Mount Bryan

Expansion of an existing beef cattle feedlot. The expanded facility will have a development footprint of 24.8ha and seeks to establish: water supply, storage and reticulation system, fenced pens, new site entrance and internal access roads, controlled drainage areas, solid and liquid waste management (and utilisation areas). Temporary construction and erosion control measures, bulk earthworks, and native vegetation clearance will also be required during construction. The proposed capacity of the expanded feedlot will be 16,642 head of cattle-on-feed (from 6090).

Report (PDF, 931 KB)

Attachments Pt 1
(PDF, 47364 KB)

Attachments Pt 2
(PDF, 15362 KB)

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Agendas include links to reports for most DAC agenda items. Attachments to these reports are only available for current meeting agenda items. After the meeting, attachments to reports can only be obtained through the Freedom of Information process.

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