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Agendas & Minutes

The SCAP generally meets in Adelaide every second and fourth Thursday of each month, although it can meet more often if required. It can also meet separately to visit the site of a proposed development.

SCAP Hearing Dates 2017-2018
(PDF, 91 KB)

The SCAP agenda for a forthcoming meeting is made available on this website and from the SCAP Secretary from the Monday prior to the meeting.

All papers relating to applications for decision by the SCAP at the meeting (excluding legal opinion and commercially confidential information, and papers relating to Crown Development or mining proposals) are available online and for inspection and purchase from Level 5, 50 Flinders Street, Adelaide from the Monday morning prior to the meeting.

When there is to be a hearing on an application, all parties who have indicated a wish to be heard will be advised of the availability of the agenda papers when they are advised of the time of the hearing.

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Current Agenda and Minutes

Date Held AgendaMinutes


SCAP Agenda - 24 August 2017 (PDF, 41 KB)

SCAP Minutes

Current Agenda Items

Agenda Item No DA Number Site and Proposal Report and Attachments



2.2.1 Image

Scope Development Solutions
25 College Road, Kent Town

Demolition of existing building and construction of three residential flat buildings, eight townhouses and associated carparking, landscaping and ancillary works.

Report (PDF, 576 KB)

Plans (PDF, 34717 KB)

Attachments (PDF, 25787 KB)



2.2.2 Image

Victor Harbor 2013 Pty Ltd
126 Wright St, Adelaide 

Demolition of existing buildings and structures, construction of an eighteen storey mixed use building comprising of commercial tenancy, residential apartments, car parking, landscaping and associated site works.

Report and Attachments (PDF, 19481 KB)

Attachment (PDF, 5521 KB)



2.2.3 Image

Woodforde jv Pty Ltd C/- Intro Design Pty Ltd
25 Glen Stuart Road, Woodforde

Staged construction of 64 two and three storey townhouses with ancillary car parking and associated site works.

Report (PDF, 2407 KB)

Attachments 1 - 3h
(PDF, 50815 KB)

Attachments 3i - 6
(PDF, 9552 KB)



2.2.4 Image

203 North Terrace, Adelaide 

Variation to Development Authorisation 020/0003/14A – for the adaptive reuse of a State Heritage listed building and construction of a tower above, with a combined total of 19 levels and basement, comprising residential, office and commercial uses, roof top garden and ancillary car parking – Variation is removal and salvage of interior structure, installation of replacement structure, internal fittings, realigned car lift shaft and feature stair between ground and first floor level.

Report and Attachments
(PDF, 12249 KB)



Image 2.2.5

Dominican Convent Inc (St Mary’s College) C/- Jensen Plus
253 Franklin Street, Adelaide

A staged development incorporating demolition of existing gymnasium and construction of new multipurpose school building, alterations to existing heritage building, new entry pavilion including fencing, landscaping and associated site works.

Report and Attachments   (PDF, 43381 KB)

Previous meetings

Agendas include links to reports for most DAC agenda items. Attachments to these reports are only available for current meeting agenda items. After the meeting, attachments to reports can only be obtained through the Freedom of Information process.

View the DAC archive of Agenda and Minutes.

Date Held AgendaMinutes


SCAP Agenda - 10 August 2017
(PDF, 96 KB)

SCAP Minutes - 10 August 2017
(PDF, 145 KB)

Date Held Agenda Minutes

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